NGS course 2015 - 2+1 weeks of computing, at a lake!

I've just opened applications for the 2015 summer course on Analyzing Next Generation Sequencing Data. The course will run from August 10th through August 21st; for details, see the course information page.

This year there will also be a third week of the course that is invitation-only. This third week is devoted to the topics of up/re-skilling, reproducibility, and data integration. It will be much more loosely organized than the first two weeks, with a few lectures and practicals around a lot of open time. I hope the third week will serve three purposes: it should be

  1. an opportunity for alumni of the course to engage with updated materials; we now have 120 or so alumni, and I know that a reasonably significant number of them now do this sort of thing for a living. They can come hang out and go through the newer materials with some support.
  2. a way for some of the course instructors to evaluate and trial the teaching of newer technology (e.g. Docker) for enabling reproducible computing.
  3. a meeting of the minds on where the course (and training more generally) should go in the future.

I plan to prioritize alumni for this third week, but I will save some space for other participants who are already doing regular sequencing data analysis. If you feel reasonably comfortable with the material taught in a Software Carpentry workshop and you work with DNA sequencing data, please consider applying!

The application form for the third week is here. The form will be open until April 17th, or later if space is available.

For this third week, we are also looking for a few instructors/lecturers; travel and lodging would be covered. Drop me an e-mail if you are a trained Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry instructor and are interested in coming and hanging out with us for a week to develop materials and approaches!


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