Dear Doc Brown: how can I find a postdoc where I can do open science?

I got the following e-mail from a student I know -- lightly edited to protect the innocent:

I am at the stage where I am putting together a list of people that I want to post-doc with.

So, a question to you:

  1. How can I find people who do open science?

2. Say I go for an interview, would it be "polite" to ask them to see if I can do open science even if they're not doing it themselves? Do you have any suggestions on how, exactly, to ask?

The reason why I am asking is because I rarely hear about openly doing (or even talking about) science in biomedical fields, outside of the standard communication methods (e.g. presenting at a meeting). Most of the people in my field seem somewhat conservative in this regard. Plus, I really don't want to butt heads with my postdoc mentor on this kind of topic.

Any advice? I have some but I'll save it for later so I can incorporate other people's advice ;).



p.s. Yes, I have permission to post this question!

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