We're throwing a Software Carpentry! And it's already full...

Yesterday morning, we announced a Software Carpentry workshop here at UC Davis, running July 6-7 -- see the Web site for more information. I'm organizing, and Easton White and Noam Ross are co-lead instructors. (This is the first workshop I'm running since we became an affiliate!)

I'd love it if you could all come!

...but it's already full-ish.

I announced the workshop on Monday morning via the dib-training mailing list. We opened up 30 seats to all comers, and reserved 30 seats for people from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, which is hosting the workshop (by employing me).

Within 12 hours, the 30 open seats were filled. Wow.

The VetMed seats will be opened to the waiting list next Monday, and (if no one else signs up ;) there is still plenty of room. So if you're in the area, take a look and sign yourself up!


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