How we make our papers replicable, v0.8 (beta)

  1. Create a github repository named something like '2014-paper-xxxx'. Ask me for name suggestions.

    In that github repo, do the following:

  2. Write a Makefile or some other automated way of generating all results from data - see

    or ask Camille (@camille_codon) what she is using. The goal here is to go from raw data to directly interpretable data in as automated a fashion as possible.

    If queue submission or other scripts are involved, they should run the commands in the Makefile. That is, all commands should (as much as possible) be in one place, and how they are executed is a bit less important.

  3. Write a README explaining the above. For example, see:

    this README should describe versions of software and (as much as possible) give instructions that will work on Ubuntu 14.04. It's OK if not all the commands will run on any given amazon machine (e.g. because of memory limitations); what's important is to have them all specified for a specific OS version, not whatever bastardized version of Linux (e.g.) our HPC uses.

  4. Write an IPython Notebook that generates all the figures - see

    for an example. This should take all of the data from the pipeline makefile (#1, above) and turn it into the production ready figures that go into the paper.

  5. Write the paper in LaTeX, if at all possible, and write a Makefile to generate the final output file. This is what we will submit to arXiv, submit to review, etc.


    for an example here.

Specific examples:

Pell et al., PNAS, 2012:

Brown et al., arXiv, 2012:

Zhang et al., PLoS One, 2014:

Feel free to deviate from the above but expect questions. Tough questions.


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