Infrastructure for Data Intensive Biology - a statement of work

Since being chosen as a Moore Foundation Data Driven Discovery Investigator, I've been putting together the paperwork at UC Davis to actually receive the money. Part of that is putting together a budget and a Statement of Work to help guide the conversation between me, Davis, and the Moore Foundation. Here's what I sent Chris Mentzel at Moore:

Title: Infrastructure for Data Intensive Biology

OUTCOME: In support of demonstrating the high level of scientific impact that data scientists deliver through their focus on interdisciplinary data-driven research, funds from this award will be used to better understand gene function in non-model organisms through the development of new workflows and better data sharing technology for large-scale data analysis.

Research direction 1: Develop and extend protocols for non-model genomic and transcriptomic analysis.

Research direction 2: Integrate and extend existing workflow and data analysis software into a cloud-enabled deployment system with a Web interface for executing protocols.

Research direction 3: Investigate and develop a distributed graph database system and distributed query functionality to support distributed data-driven discovery. (DDDD :)

For more of the background, see my full award submission, my presentation, and a science fiction story that I would like to enable.

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