Charting the future of data science at the NIH -- topics to discuss?

In September, I will be visiting the NIH to "chart the next 5 years of data science at the NIH." This meeting will use an open space approach, and we were asked to provide some suggested topics. Here are five topics that I suggested, and one that Jeramia Ory suggested (the last one) in response to my posting these on Twitter.

Additions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

  1. Education and training in data science: from undergrad through independence
  2. Fostering the careers of data scientists in biomedical research
  3. Building sustainable cyberinfrastructure to support data intensive research in biomedical sciences
  4. Supporting and incentivizing a transition to more open science
  5. 5 years out: now that we have all the data, what do we do next?
  6. How do we support/train curators or a culture of curation? (Good curation is a bottleneck to insight.)


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