Living in an Ivory Basement

Stochastic thoughts on science, testing, and programming.

Welcome! This is the permanent residence for various materials I've developed over the years. Most of the materials deal with programming (usually in Python) and testing (usually of Python apps), although some oddball thoughts on science occasionally slip into the archives.

I post miscellaneous material not infrequently on my blog.

I do write, develop, hack on, patch, and otherwise micturate upon quite a bit of software; you can see the raw take here.

A more permanent (and edited) record of articles can be found on the articles page.

Every now and then I take the extra effort to write an actual tutorial. They're on the tutorials page, as you would expect.

There are some screencasts available here.

Enjoy! You can contact me via e-mail if you have any questions, concerns, or large checks to deliver.