Living in an Ivory Basement

Stochastic thoughts on science, testing, and programming.

About the author

Titus Brown (or "C. Titus Brown", if you're looking for his research publications) is an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University in Computer Science and Biology, where he has been since 2008. He is currently (2010) working on developmental biology, next-gen sequence analysis, metagenomics, and software engineering. Check out his lab home page! He also has taught a lot of courses.

(That's not a picture of him, unless you're a bill collector.)

In 2007, he wrested a PhD in developmental molecular biology from Caltech, and worked in Marianne Bronner-Fraser's lab until 2008.

This adds to his already extensive degree collection, featuring:

In his copious spare time, Titus develops software for fun, does some light blogging, and reads a lot of bad science fiction and fantasy.

sep30, 2007