1. Computational postdoc opening at UC Davis!

    We are currently soliciting applications for computational postdoctoral fellows to undertake exciting projects in computational biology/bioinformatics jointly supervised by Dr. Titus Brown (http://ivory.idyll.org/lab/) and Dr. Fereydoun Hormozdiari (http://www.hormozdiarilab.org/) at UC Davis.

    UC Davis is a world class research institution with a strong …

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  2. Categorizing 400,000 microbial genome shotgun data sets from the SRA

    This is another blog post on MinHash sketches; see also:

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  3. How I learned to stop worrying and love the coming archivability crisis in scientific software

    Note: This is the fifth post in a mini-series of blog posts inspired by the workshop Envisioning the Scientific Paper of the Future.

    This post was put together after the event and benefited greatly from conversations with Victoria Stodden, Yolanda Gil, Monya Baker, Gail Peretsman-Clement, and Kristin Antelman!

    Archivability is …

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