2017 - DIBSI - Who are we?

The Data Intensive Biology Summer Institute is part of the Data Intensive Biology training program at UC Davis, run by the DIB lab.

Partners and other UC Davis training

We are institutional partners with Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry.

The UC Davis Bioinformatics Core also runs training!

DIBSI leadership


Dr. C. Titus Brown, Associate Professor and Moore Data Driven Discovery Investigator, Population Health and Reproduction, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Titus is a bioinformatician and genomics researcher with expertise in DNA sequencing analysis, non-model organism genomics, software development, and training. He has many interests in open science and reproducibility. (blog, Twitter)

Associate Director

Dr. Phillip T. Brooks, postdoctoral fellow.

Phillip holds a PhD from Michigan State University in Comparative Medicine and Integrative Biology where he worked on interactions between the microbiome and host immune system. He now conducts research in microbiome data analysis and teaching/training in bioinformatics and genomics at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Assessment and Evaluation

Dr. Karen R. Word, postdoctoral fellow.

Karen received her PhD at UC Davis in environmental physiology, examining connections between energy expenditure and stress endocrinology. She now works with Dr. Brown on developing instructional strategies for “training the trainers”, effective computational teaching, and evaluation and assessment.

TA and Instructor Coordination

Lisa J. Cohen, graduate student.

Lisa is working on her PhD in Dr. Brown’s lab, working on environmental molecular biology and large-scale bioinformatics.

Lead Instructors

The lead instructors for ANGUS were:

  • Jon Badalamenti, U. Minnesota
  • Upendra Kumar Devisetty, U. Arizona
  • Elijah Lowe, Stazione Zoologica, Naples
  • Tessa Pierce, UC Davis
  • Marian Schmidt, U. Michigan
  • Camille Scott, UC Davis

The lead instructor for Introduction to Python was Emily Dolson (Michigan State University).

The lead instructor for Introduction to R was Michael Koontz (UC Davis).

Photo credits

The photos on this site are Copyright (C) 2016 Jonathan Eisen, and reproduced with his permission under a CC-BY license.

If you have questions, please contact us at via e-mail at dibsi.training@gmail.com.