Getting involved

We are seeking teaching assistants for some or all of the ANGUS workshop (July 1-July 13).

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What’s in it for me?

Here is our sales pitch for your time:

  • Everyone participating will have travel and lodging reimbursed, of course.

  • Lead instructors and workshop leaders will receive an honorarium, funds and employment status permitting.

  • You can learn by teaching!

  • There will be lots of networking with instructors and students, and maybe you’ll find that next job (or job candidate).

  • We can arrange a day or two off for you to explore Northern California, which is (a) really pretty and (b) mostly within day-trip range (see Venue).

What experience should I have?

As our workshops are “Carpentry style”, we will strongly prefer badged Software and Data Carpentry instructors for all roles.

Lead instructors should have some significant genomics or bioinformatics hands-on experience, although it need not be very broad.

Workshop leaders should be knowledgeable in the subject area of their workshop.

TAs need not be particular experts but should be familiar with git and the UNIX command line.

Anything else I should know?

All material generated and used during the workshop must be licensed under an open license (generally CC-BY).

We’re hoping to provide digital badges acknowledging your roles!

Indicate interest here!

If you have questions, please contact us at via e-mail at