Possible behavioral modificationsΒΆ

Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for learning and teaching. As such, all participants must agree to and follow the event Code of Conduct. Our main goal in Code of Conduct enforcement is to ensure that negative or harassing behavior does not continue or repeat, and that our participants (including workshop organizers, lecturers, helpers, and attendees) feel safe.

Incident responders may require workshop participants to immediately stop a particular behavior and/or to leave a room or the workshop for up to a full day.

In response to an incident report, the Lead Incident Responders (Titus Brown, Karen Word, Marian Schmidt, Rocio Martinez-Nunez, and/or Carol Willing) may ask event participants to change rooms and/or leave the event entirely, as well as other behavioral modifications intended to ensure a safe and welcoming envoronment.

In cases of sexual violence and/or sexual harassment, Dr. Word and Dr. Brown are required to notify UC Davis of the event and UC Davis may also mandate specific actions.

Illegal actions may be reported to UC Davis Campus Police or other authorities.