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2017 - Instructor training

June 19-June 23, 2017.

Instructors: Lex Nederbragt, Karen Word, and Sue McClatchy.

Local organizer: C. Titus Brown

This workshop is intended for people interested in teaching, reusing and repurposing the Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, or Analyzing High Throughput Sequencing Data materials. We envision this course being most useful to current teaching-intensive faculty, future teachers and trainers, and core facilities that are developing training materials.

Attendees will learn about and gain practice implementing evidence-based teaching practices. Common pitfalls specific to novice-level instruction and bioinformatics in particular will be discussed, along with associated troubleshooting strategies. Content used in prior ANGUS workshops will be used for all practice instruction, and experienced instructors will be on hand to address questions about implementation.

Attendees of this workshop may opt to remain at the following ANGUS two-week workshops so that they can gain hands-on experience in preparing and teaching a lesson.

This week-long training will also serve as Software/Data Carpentry Instructor Training.

Attendees should have significant familiarity with molecular biology and basic experience with the command line.

We anticipate a class size of approximately 25, with 3-6 instructors.

More information

Applicants should receive registration information by end-of-day April 20th.

The course fee is $350 for this workshop.

On campus housing is not available for this workshop; see venue information for alternatives.

The workshop will start on Monday at 9am, and end at 3pm on Friday. The planned schedule during the week is 9am-3pm each day, 3-5pm Mon / Wed and 7-9pm on Tu and Th. Please plan on attending the entire time.

If you have questions, please contact us at via e-mail at dibsi.training@gmail.com.