2017 - Information for attendees

Code of conduct

We operate under a code of conduct.

Teaching style

Our core instructional teaching is hands-on, interactive, and slow paced with time for questions. If you’ve taken a Software or Data Carpentry course, it’s like that! This is intentional; research shows that this provides for excellent learning, as well as allowing for many questions.

Pace and expertise levels

The core workshops are “zero entry”, and assume no background in computing. Especially at the beginning this means that many attendees may find the pace rather slow. However, we believe that getting everyone on the same page is important, and we also find that going slowly as needed sets a positive tone, makes sure no one is left behind, allows for questions, and creates a solid base for forward progress.

More advanced attendees are welcome to attend, but we ask that they participate fully in activities. Attendees who regularly lapse in workshop tutorials may be asked to stop coming to the workshop.

Software and Data Carpentry workshops are complementary to these workshops but largely non-overlapping in content.

Local attendees and workshop hours

Workshops will start mid-morning (9am) and potentially run late (with events after dinner). A core part of these workshops has traditionally been networking and informal interactions.

We strongly recommend that people stay no more than 30 minutes travel time away from UC Davis - this means Davis, Sacramento, Woodland, and other local towns. Note that the on-campus lodging should be competitive with local hotels and Airbnbs.

Remote attendance

We do not currently support remote attendance, although some talks and workshops may have live streams.

Registration fees - what does my $$ pay for?

In order to enable the most people to come for the lowest price, we charge a minimal fee for registration and workshop attendance. (between $350 and $500, depending on workshop). Your registration money primarily pays for instructor and TA travel, room, and board, as well as lead instructor honoraria.

We try to operate at cost, which means we have thin margins; we are supplemented by some grant money, but that by no means can cover everything. (See our funders.)

We have some (limited) financial aid available; please inquire at dibsi.training@gmail.com.

There are various deadlines associated with registration and housing; once past the deadline, fees already paid cannot be refunded. We will indicate these deadlines below as well as on the registration page and in e-mails.