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2018 Data Intensive Biology Summer Institute at UC Davis

From June 25th - July 14th, we’re planning to run several computational training events at the University of California, Davis – the main event will be the 9th annual ANGUS workshop, a two-week workshop for biologists to learn basic bioinformatics and cloud computing. We are also planning a Software Carpentry Instructor Training, several Software and Data Carpentry workshops, and a West Coast CarpentryCon.

All of this will be taking place at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, on the main campus of UC Davis (in Davis, CA). Read more…

Everyone is welcome, from everywhere! Grad students, postdocs, faculty, staff, industry, non-profits, teachers, journalists, and grant managers may all find these workshops useful. We welcome applications from international students. Read more…

The two week workshop will cost approximately $850, and room & board will be approximately $970 total for non-local attendees (excluding lunch).

Please also see Frequently Asked Questions.

DIBSI overview

Two-week sequence analysis workshop for biologists!

The 2018 ANGUS workshop will run from July 2 to July 14.

Applications are open!

  • Zero-entry - no experience required or expected!
  • Hands-on training in using the UNIX command line to analyze your sequencing data.
  • Friendly, helpful instructors and TAs!
  • Summer sequencing camp - meet and talk science with great people!
  • Now in its ninth year!

Instructor training!

The instructor training workshop will run from June 25 to June 26.

  • Hands-on training in good pedagogical practice!
  • Become a certified Software/Data Carpentry instructor!


We will be teach a few 2-day workshops on June 27-28. Stay two tune for details.

We are currently seeking 4 instructors and 4 helpers to teach workshops using the Software Carpentry Shell, Git, and R lessons. If you are interested - see our getting involved in Spanish workshops page! (We hope to recruit local instructors, but we will cover travel, room and board.)

CarpentryCon West

Since you’re here, join us at CarpentryCon West! We’re inviting Carpentries folks of all stripes — from new fans to veteran community-members, from all disciplines, near and far — to join us from Friday evening through Sunday morning, June 29-July 1, in sunny Davis, California. Read more here.

Are you interested in joining us as a TA or an instructor?

We are looking for people to join us - see our getting involved page! (We will cover travel, room and board.)

Other information

Stay tuned for more information about the Carpentry workshops and West Coast Carpentry-Con!

Keep up to date by joining the dibsi-announce mailing list.

General information for attendees

Information on the venue

Funding information

Who is DIBSI?

The two-week summer workshop materials from 2017

DIBSI 2017

If you have questions, please contact us at via e-mail at dibsi.training@gmail.com.